Crankworx Update

Just a quick update to the going ons of Crankworx.

Adam – Full on power ranger suit has been purchased so he now blends into the hoards of riders, however on his last “moto timed” run the mesh shirt cut his wind resistance down by up to 1 tenth and KEPT HIS VAINS FROM OVER HEATING AND POPING OUT YEAUGHUGH.

That was supposed to be Arnold.

Dave and Sam – I made the mistake of letting them know Vegas was only a 2 hour flight away, needless to say plans are underway.

The Slopestyle – Practice was yesterday and from my place of work I was able to watch riders go off on the whoop di whoop last feature, it looks effortless and flowy and I imagine there is going to be a lot more silly boy tricks this year as riders were already back flipping it.

Spooner – workaholic

Ben – In France living on a Yacht and driving Bentleys

Carlos – Needs to ride his bike more and going to go do that right now.